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Why Get Married in Thailand?

“Why should I get married in Thailand?” some ask. The better, fuller version of this quesiton is:“Why should I get married in Thailand when I could get married in my own country…or somewhere else in the world?” The simple answer is that Thailand is a great place to get married for a number or reasons. Let consider what some of the reasons are. [+]

Planning Your Thailand Beach Wedding

If you want to have a wedding ceremony on a Thai beach, there is a world of opportunity to have a super wonderful experience and make a great memory, one which will last a lifetime. After all, Thailand has some of the best beaches in the world to get married on!! You do, however, need to plan. Having any wedding [+]

The Ten Best Beaches in Thailand

Specifying the ten best beaches in Thailand is a difficult task for many reasons, perhaps the most prominent being simply that there are so many really great beaches in Thailand. It’s almost impossible to make a top ten list without leaving some fine beaches off the list. Then, of course, there is the issue of criteria. [+]

The Underwater Wedding: Is it for You?

Nowadays, a fairly substantial number of couples are choosing to get married in a very unusual way – by saying their vows and actually doing the paperwork underwater. The style of marriage ceremony began in 1996, in the Province of Trang, shortly before a devastating economic crisis hit Thailand. [+]

Traditional Thai Wedding

A traditional Thai wedding is usually a rather complex affair, although it varies from region to region, and has been abbreviated here and there to suit the desires and needs of modern people. It has involved a great deal of ceremony and religious symbolism, much of which is usually not apparent to those who are not aware of it to begin with. [+]

Where to Honeymoon in Thailand

Thailand is a great honeymoon destination. The only problem most newlyweds would really have is choosing a place from among many wonderful possibilities: big cities, deserted beaches, busy beaches, mountain retreats, animal sanctuaries, shopping and sports venues, and so forth. The list goes on. It is recommended that those considering [+]