Thailand Beach Wedding Guide

Why Get Married in Thailand?

“Why should I get married in Thailand?” some ask. The better, fuller version of this quesiton is:“Why should I get married in Thailand when I could get married in my own country…or somewhere else in the world?” The simple answer is that Thailand is a great place to get married for a number or reasons. Let consider what some of the reasons are. [+]

Planning Your Thailand Beach Wedding

If you want to have a wedding ceremony on a Thai beach, there is a world of opportunity to have a super wonderful experience and make a great memory, one which will last a lifetime. After all, Thailand has some of the best beaches in the world to get married on!! You do, however, need to plan. Having any wedding [+]

The Ten Best Beaches in Thailand

Specifying the ten best beaches in Thailand is a difficult task for many reasons, perhaps the most prominent being simply that there are so many really great beaches in Thailand. It’s almost impossible to make a top ten list without leaving some fine beaches off the list. Then, of course, there is the issue of criteria. [+]

The Underwater Wedding: Is it for You?

Nowadays, a fairly substantial number of couples are choosing to get married in a very unusual way – by saying their vows and actually doing the paperwork underwater. The style of marriage ceremony began in 1996, in the Province of Trang, shortly before a devastating economic crisis hit Thailand. [+]

Traditional Thai Wedding

A traditional Thai wedding is usually a rather complex affair, although it varies from region to region, and has been abbreviated here and there to suit the desires and needs of modern people. It has involved a great deal of ceremony and religious symbolism, much of which is usually not apparent to those who are not aware of it to begin with. [+]

Where to Honeymoon in Thailand

Thailand is a great honeymoon destination. The only problem most newlyweds would really have is choosing a place from among many wonderful possibilities: big cities, deserted beaches, busy beaches, mountain retreats, animal sanctuaries, shopping and sports venues, and so forth. The list goes on. It is recommended that those considering [+]

Beach Wedding Destinations in Thailand

Thailand is a great place to have a beach wedding. Here is how the system works: If you want to have a Thailand beach wedding, use the internet to contact a marriage facilitator. The facilitator will ask you where you want to marry and how much you want to spend. When you give the facilitator the information [+]

Registering Your Marriage in Thailand

In Thailand, it is marriage registration which makes a couple legally married, not a marriage ceremony. Registration is a matter of getting required documents, getting them translated into Thai, taking them to the appropriate government office along with witnesses and paying the fees. It is fairly straightforward. A foreign and a Thai national are required to get... [+]

The Best Time for Your Thailand Wedding

So, when is the best time of the year to get married in Thailand? That’s a little tricky because different people have different wants and needs but there are some things everyone should consider. One is weather. Okay, tell me about the weather in Thailand. Well, Thailand is a tropical country so it is hot and rainy, [+]