Beach Wedding Destinations in Thailand

Thailand is a great place to have a beach wedding. Here is how the system works:

If you want to have a Thailand beach wedding, use the internet to contact a marriage facilitator. The facilitator will ask you where you want to marry and how much you want to spend.

When you give the facilitator the information, he or she will put you in contact with an appropriate resort which will tell you about the “packages” it offers. It’s very important that you be as SPECIFIC about location as possible.

If you want to get married in Patong Beach, for example, you should not say “Phuket Island,” because the resort you are referred to might not be able to or want to help you get married in Patong Beach.

If you are as specific as possible to begin with, everything will go much better. And when you talk to the resort representative, you MUST find our everything that is included in the package.

Things might not be included that you would expect to be part of the package. It’s usually possible to add “options” to the package for an additional price. It’s not easy to learn about prices on line, but the basic packages seem to fall in to a range of 1,500 to 3,500 USD.

Below are some of the most popular beach wedding destinations.

Phuket Island
Is the largest island in Thailand at 540 square kilometers and is located on the western side of the Thai mainland in the Andaman Sea. It has a nice year round climate and many very lovely beaches, especially on its western coast.

It also has mountains, waterfalls, world class golf courses, and excellent shopping opportunities. It is relatively easy to reach as it has an international airport and receives regular flights directly from Europe and Bangkok.

It is also linked the mainland by a bridgel. Most beach weddings that occur on Phuket Island are held in the northwestern part of the island, at either Bang Tao Beach, Surin Beach, Laem Singh Beach, Layan Beach or Naithon Beach. These are finely powdered, white sand beaches surrounded by trees, plants, and azure blue water, and are lovely locations for a wedding.

They are located near two national parks and the airport, as well. There are also excellent shopping opportunities nearby at the Canal Village and Turtle Village shopping malls. This area is a luxury resort area so the costs of accommodations can be a problem. There are nice beaches in the southern part of the Island where costs are less.

The area also has a somewhat quiet nightlife but wild and crazy Patong Beach is not too far away. Phuket Island is also located near other islands where it is possible to have beach weddings. The Phi Phi Islands, for example, which include Maya Bay from the movie The Beach, are an hour east of Phuket. Ko Kai, and other small islands, are even closer.

Koh Samui Island
Is similar to Phuket Island, although it is smaller- only 247 square kilometers - and is located on the other side of the Thai mainland, in the Gulf of Thailand. It has nice weather much of the year but it does have more rain than Phuket and gets quite hot from March to August. But, thusly, it has quite a nice expanse of tropical rain forest in the interior.

It has world-class beaches on its east and northeastern coasts, and, like Phuket, it has mountains and waterfalls, a couple of golf courses and excellent shopping opportunities near its beaches. It is served by an international airport, but is NOT connected to the island by bridges. It does receive ferry boats from across the gulf.

Unlike Phuket Island, it has no large towns outside of the beach towns of Chaweng and Lamai. The beaches themselves are excellent, being long and wide, and consisting of powdery, white sand. Most of the beach weddings on Ko Samui take place in the vicinity of Bophut Beach in the northwestern corner of the island.

This is an area of luxury resorts and private beaches but is close to Chaweng Beach and, thus, to more reasonable accommodation and shopping opportunities…and an exciting nightlife. Just north of Bophut Beach, a 45 minute boat trip away, is the Island of Ko Pha Ngan and the Laem Haad Rin peninsula , with its picturesque and mountain enclosed “Sunrise” and “Sunset” beaches, also the frequent scenes of beach weddings.

Krabi Province
Is located on the western side of the narrow southern part of the Thai mainland, almost 1000 kilometers south of Bangkok and 180 kilometer southeast of Phuket Island.

It has some outstanding mainland beaches as well as over 150 islands, many of which also have great beaches. The beaches of Krabi are often over 200 meters in length, consist of fine, white sand, and are usually surrounded by steep, limestone cliffs, azure blue water and coral reefs.

Krabi is a great place for rock climbing, snorkeling and scuba diving as well as swimming. The best mainland beaches are found in the Ao Nang area, northwest of Krabi Town, the most outstanding being Railay Beach, a popular beach wedding location.

Among the island beach locations, the Phi Phi islands – Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Lek, the location of Maya Bay, the scene of the movie The Beach- are probably the most prominent. They are located 40 kilometers from Krabi Town and are also popular locations for beach weddings.

Some of the 52 islands of the Koh Lanta group also have really nice beaches. Three or so have regular ferry boat service. There is ample accommodation in Krabi Town and the Phi Phi Islands. They also have some nightlife.

Krabi Town does have an airport which receives flights from Bangkok. The islands can only be reached by ferry from either Krabi Town or Phuket.

A beach town about 30 kilometers south of Hua Hin, is said to have some of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand, probably the most beautiful north of Phuket, Ko Samui and the southern islands.

The sand is dark and somewhat course, but the beaches are surrounded by pine trees and offer nice views of offshore islands and rock formations. They are quite nice locations for beach weddings. Just south of Pranburi, the Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park resides, with beach trails, small “mountains,” and marshes.

The Pranburi area is quiet and minimally developed with the urban area of Pranburi town located inland from the beaches. Pranburi does, however, have many upper end tourist resorts, the first having opening in 2002.

They are located very close to the beaches, primarily in the northern and central parts of Pranburi, and are separated from each other by wide expanses, creating a comfortable, private atmosphere. It is said that they are much less expensive to stay in than similar resorts in the southern beach areas like Phuket.

There are a few restaurants and quiet style bars located around the resorts, but, by and large, the area is devoid of nightlife. Therefore, many of the resorts offer shuttle bus services into Hua Hin, which does have an active, developed nightlife and good shopping opportunities.

Toward the southern end of the beaches, there are some resorts and hotels in a more moderate price range. A strength of Pranburi in the view of many is that it is more readily accessible by motor vehicle than the southern beaches. It is only a three and a half hour commute from Bangkok. It’s easy to arrange inexpensive transportation.

Ko Chang or “Elephant” Island
Is the third largest island in Thailand and is located 310 kilometers east of Bangkok near the Cambodian border. It has several nice beaches – many of them usually deserted - the best and best known being Had Sai Khao or “White Sand Beach,” a two kilometer stretch of white, powdery sand bounded by jungle clad mountains.

Off the coast of Ko Chang are several smaller islands and coral reefs, making the island a good place to snorkel and scuba dive. There are several waterfalls in the mountainous interior as well as interesting wildlife, such as deer and elephants, making the island an interesting place to hike.

The island is also a good place to fish and there are genuine fishing villages on the coastline. Compared to other major beach areas in Thailand, this area is relatively undeveloped and cheap.

There are plenty of guesthouses and moderately priced hotels available, as well as basic shopping and some bars and restaurants. Transportation to the Ko Chang vicinity by motor vehicle takes between five to six hours, and then ferry transportation must be arranged.

From Bangkok, one can go by air to nearby Trat and then ferry across the mainland to Ko Chang.

Weddings on Ko Chang can be easily planned.