Planning Your Thailand Beach Wedding

If you want to have a wedding ceremony on a Thai beach, there is a world of opportunity to have a super wonderful experience and make a great memory, one which will last a lifetime.

After all, Thailand has some of the best beaches in the world to get married on!! You do, however, need to plan. Having any wedding, where in a church or temple, or the beach, requires a great deal of thoughtful planning and preparation.
  1. The first thing you need to do is sit down with your marriage partner and try to get a GENERAL IDEA about what you would like your wedding to be like and how you would like to do it. If you simply want to walk out on a beach, profess your love and have someone pronounce you man and wife, then you can probably take care of everything yourself and need not worry too much about planning. If your marriage will involve any level of complexity, then you should seriously consider getting the help of a professional planner.
  2. There are many professional wedding planners in Thailand. They say that they can help you plan a much better wedding than you can do on your own and they are probably right. Specifically, they say they can save you time and money, and reduce stress and anxiety as well as get things right. This is particularly important because you are doing things in a foreign country. A good planner will talk with you about what you want and let you make the important decisions.
  3. Many people choose to have their weddings through established beach resorts. Some of them are very experienced at doing weddings and will usually do a good job in thailand. It really will help you save time and energy. And it is very convenient for everyone concerned to have everything handled and done in one place. There are lots of advantages to doing this, but it won’t be cheap and some people feel that it is not “authentic.” This is something you need to think about.
  4. It is generally said that the first thing you need to do is plan a budget. Of course, you can’t really do that until you decide what you want to do, so in some ways, it’s the last thing you do. A planner can help you do this much better than you can yourself. In any event, you need to get a budget and then stay within the general range of what you plan and want to spend.
  5. Maybe the next thing to do is pick a location …pick a beach. This should be based partially on sentiment and romance. Think about which beach you like the most. Think about places at the beach you like. But you also need to be practical. If you want guests and some elaborateness of ceremony, you need to consider things like the availability of lodging, the ease of getting to and from possible locations, and getting all the items you need to the beach. The most beautiful and glamorous beaches are often the most difficult to get to. Generally, the beaches of Phuket, Ko Samui, Hua Hin or the eastern coast are more than nice enough.
  6. Selecting a location on the beach you want to have your ceremony at is important and time consuming. Some beaches are several kilometers long. You might already have a particular place on the beach in mind but you can’t automatically assume it will be available, or available when you want it. Someone will need to check with local authorities and make sure the place you would like to use will be available when you want to use it. It is probably possible to do this yourself but someone else could probably do it better and faster.
  7. Deciding what kind of wedding you want. Do you want a Western wedding or an Eastern wedding? Both can be complicated, and many Western people really don’t understand much about Eastern weddings. In any event, there is a lot to be done and arranged for each. The help of a planner is quite essential for the Eastern wedding as it’s going to be necessary to get material accoutrements and foods you probably do not know even exist, and to arrange for the presence of Buddhists priests, etc.
  8. It is possible that people getting married do not want a religious wedding, or really would like their wedding to have a special theme. These require planning, sometimes a lot of planning. Once again, a little professional guidance can be helpful. For example, it might not be a good idea to have a “surfing” wedding if you want to get married at a time when there is no surf, or if you want to get married in the water, you need to aware of the presence of any nasty sea animals that might be swimming around!
  9. Picking a date and time is very important for a beach wedding. Thailand has distinct rainy seasons and most people probably don’t want to get married on the beach in a torrential downpour. The rains also tend to come at certain times of the day. Planning can be a little difficult here because different beaches tend to have somewhat different rainy seasons so one must select a time and date relative to the beach one is considering getting married at. One might also need to consider if it is high or low season. Perhaps the presence of large numbers of tourists might not be a problem for you…but perhaps it might!
  10. Preparing the guest list and sending invitations is an important consideration in planning your wedding. It is necessary to know about how many people are coming and you need to plan for. Invitations need to be sent earlier than usual to guests because travel to a beach can be more difficult than other types of travel. Thai style invitations are different than Western invitations, so you need to get some help with this. Considerations have to be given about how to house the guests for the wedding. Of course, the guests will pay for their accommodations, but you need to help make sure that an accommodation is available and suitable for their budget and needs. This will partially depend upon the time and date you have selected, so you can’t just make general assumptions.
  11. Are your guests going to sit? Remember that if they are going to sit, you have to get the seats from somewhere and haul them down to the beach, and haul them back to somewhere after the wedding is finished. You need to know where to get the chairs and you might need help doing the hauling.
  12. Food at the ceremony is another consideration. Do you want to provide the guests with some sort of food and drink? If so, then what? How will the food get to the beach? Who will prepare it? These are things that must be considered. If you are having a reception afterward, then perhaps the food-at the-ceremony question and problem can postponed for awhile. Or, if you marrying a Thai, then maybe her relatives will take care of that…but take nothing for granted.
  13. Consideration must be given to wardrobe. What are you going to wear? What should the guests wear? Does it matter? Is it important to you? Do you want your guests to dress up, dress causally, or dress like fish or fishermen? Items must be purchased, made or rented. Guests must be informed ahead of time and told what they need to do or how they need to dress. You will need to allow time to get this done right. You must remember that you are in a strange country so communicating what you want to merchants or seamstresses might not be so easy.
  14. Maybe you want music or entertainment. If so, this must be arranged. There are lots of folks in Thailand that can provide it but you must find them, bargain with them, explain what you want, etc. Perhaps your friends can provide this entertainment, perhaps they can help you find someone one who can, or perhaps you will need a professional planner to help you.
  15. The party and reception can be difficult on the beach. Food, drink, music, and the local authorities must be taken care of. And, of course, there is always the danger of bad weather. Many people choose to have the ceremony on the beach and then go somewhere else for a party and reception. Arrangements can be made with restaurants, bars or resorts to have and cater the party.
  16. Some final thoughts on a beach wedding: A beach wedding can be wonderful. It can be the experience of a lifetime, and it can be rather simple and carefree. But, a beach wedding can also be difficult and stressful. It can be even more complicated than a simple indoor wedding. Those contemplating a beach wedding must carefully consider the complexities of a beach wedding and think about what they really want and why they are choosing to have a beach wedding. And all those contemplating marriage definitely need to be aware that a wedding ceremony is NOT legally required as part of the process of getting married in Thailand