Why Get Married in Thailand?

“Why should I get married in Thailand?” some ask. The better, fuller version of this quesiton is:“Why should I get married in Thailand when I could get married in my own country…or somewhere else in the world?” The simple answer is that Thailand is a great place to get married for a number or reasons. Let consider what some of the reasons are.

Reason One: A marriage in Thailand is recognized throughout the world. Those who have been legally married in Thailand need not worry about having a Thai marriage recognized in their own or other countries. Certainly most Western countries and major Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea and India, recognize Thai marriages.

Reason Two: A Thai marriage is generally fast and everything can usually be completed in less than one week. The requirements for a foreigner are quite simple. He or she must, of course, have a passport with appropriate entries, and he or she must get a statement from their embassy testifying that they are single or legally divorced, Most embassies simply certify a form on which the foreigner fills in the blanks.

Then, the document must be taken to a government approved translator for translation, which can take two days. The process could take longer if marrying a Thai national because the documents they are required to obtain and submit can be more complex. Then, after all the documents are in hand, the prospective husband and wife take the documents to any government district or sub district office, or “Amphur” or “Khet,” where they will be registered in front of witnesses…and the blessed couple become officially man and wife! Witnesses are required and sometimes the prospective man and wife are required to provide them, so two witnesses should accompany them to the government office to prevent the possibility of delay.

Reason Three: People with issues in their own countries can usually marry in Thailand. No questions are asked of foreigners about past history or medical problems. No medical tests are required. No inquires about character or past problems with the police are involved. People who might have trouble getting married in their own countries can usually get married in Thailand. For native Thais, the process is a little more, but not too much more, complex.

Reason Four: Thailand is a great place to have a marriage ceremony although a ceremony is not legally required. Those getting married can choose to have a ceremony in a temple, church or at home. Or they can have a ceremony at a beach or on a mountain. Thai locations are very scenic. They provide a great background for one of the most important ceremonies a person will ever participate in, and a wonderful location to take wedding pictures and videos! They are also good places to have a wedding party or dinner.

Reason Five: Assistance is available to help people get married. Many law and hospitality firms will provide couples assistance to do the paperwork and get married, usually at very reasonable fees. There are also many resorts which will help couples prepare a memorable marriage ceremony, as elaborate or simple as the couple desires. Afterward, help will be available to arrange a wonderful honeymoon, although the more adventurous might choose to do this themselves.

Reason Six: Thailand is a great place to have a honeymoon. Thailand is a wonderful place for newlyweds to enjoy their first days of marriage and to learn more about themselves. They can go to secluded beaches in the south of Thailand or to green and majestic mountains in the northern part of the country for their honeymoon, or they can party in Bangkok…or they can do it all! While in Thailand, they can enjoy a variety of activities such as swimming, diving and windsurfing, hiking…and shopping at five star department stores or local markets.

There will be plenty of opportunities to get out and about and meet other people…and plenty of opportunities to enjoy quiet time alone. Generally, foreigners who have entered the country legally can stay in Thailand for 30 days without a visa. Someone contemplating marriage should probably at least have a 60 day tourist visa, which will leave them plenty of time to enjoy life after the ceremony and to contemplate and prepare for a new life as part of a married couple.

Reason Seven: Thailand is economical. The cost of living in Thailand is much lower than in Western countries, or in South Korea or Japan. Lodging, food, transportation, personal service…all costs in Thailand, when compared to costs in other countries, are a bargain. But not only do people have lower expenses, they also get value for their money because, while costs are low, the goods and services paid for are usually of high quality. This is particularly true in regard to personal service and food. Visitors can also save substantially by not staying in the “best” hotels or eating international food, but by enjoying more traditional Thai-style lodging and food.

Reason Eight: Personal service is unbeatable. Personal service is a lost art in the modern world. People in many countries would rather starve or be on unemployment than actually wait on and serve another human being. This is not the case in Thailand. People take pleasure in helping and serving others. People will pay attention to the details which workers in other countries consider superfluous. It’s part of the culture. People will wait on you, smile, and do their best to make you happy, whether at a restaurant, in a department store, at a hotel, or on a tour. They

Reason Nine: Transportation is readily accessible: Transportation into the country by air is convenient and inexpensive. Once in Thailand, guests can take advantage of modern and efficient air and rail systems which, along with motorways, link the various parts of the country with each other. Thus, newlyweds can travel around the country easily and see the marvelous temples, beaches, mountains, night spots and shopping destinations they have read or been told about. Inside most larger places, they can also hire taxis at quite reasonable rates. Hotels, guest houses and travel agencies will be happy to help make transportation arrangements, often at no extra charge.